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To Dare Is To Do

I am really into the show All or Nothing right now, following the Tottenham Hotspurs Football Club. The team motto is inscribed in giant letters outside their stadium, "To Dare Is To Do." I just absolutely love that.

To me, I interpret that to mean that you need to believe something is possible as a first step in accomplishing anything. You need to be able to dream it up. You need to be able to create the image in your mind. You must be able to fantasize about whatever it is you dare in order to imagine it as a potential reality.

To dare is to have the courage to attempt something. Not just anything, but something difficult. It is a challenge that requires courage and bravery. Merriam-Webster offers numerous definitions, including: "to have the courage to contend against, to venture, to try;" and "imaginative and vivacious boldness."

To dare requires boldness.

Willingness to believe.

To imagine something more.

Courage to try and perhaps fail.

To go against what is laid out in front of you, and to create your own reckoning of what your future should hold.

Once you've created the image in your mind of what it is you want to go after, the only thing left is to do it. Make it real. By daring to believe, you've begun paving the way and there can be no undoing that. It now exists in your mind. Which means it exists. The dream must come to fruition in order to fulfill it's purpose. And so comes step 2: to do. Take action. How awful is it to have a dream that never gets acted upon to form into a reality? It must be done. It must be attempted. You must take that boldness, willingness to believe, courage to imagine, and use it as momentum to move forward and try.

To do is not easy. But for many, the willingness to dare isn't easy either. The capacity to dream, for many, has been unlearned. When something becomes in your mind, you owe it to yourself to try. Take the chance on yourself, and put one foot in front of the other. Doing what you must in order to make what you dare to dream become reality. Imagine it, then become it. Believe it, then put in the work to do it. You are the only person who can prevent you from doing what you dare.

Whether you dare to run your first marathon, half marathon, 5k; whether you dare to run a sub 3 marathon; whether you dare to take on an ultra; whatever it is that you dare, you must do.

To dare is to do. Dream it up, then do it up.

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