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When I was returning to running after having my second child, it was important to me to work with a coach who had a deep understanding of the experience and needs of the post-partum runner. Allie brings that to the table, and so much more. In a season of life where chaos is the norm, not the exception, Allie has supported me as I identify my goals and reasons for running. When setbacks arise, she has met me with unconditional positive regard--no harsh judgment, just an empathetic ear, a reframing of the work and progress I am making, and encouragement and accountability to do what *is* possible, rather than a fixation on what isn't. As a person who tends towards perfectionism, it has been such a source of joy--of filling my own cup--to work with a coach who celebrates what I am accomplishing, even if the victories seem small. And though they feel small, I can see the progress over time, and I'm excited for what comes next.


Allie is a fantastic running coach. Over the last year and a half that we have been working together, my running has improved significantly. Not only is Allie incredibly knowledgeable about running, but she is also really responsive and helpful when issues arise. After I missed a marathon unexpectedly at the last minute, Allie made a new plan that allowed me to run a new race about a month later and still meet my goal of getting a BQ. For my most recent marathon, she talked me through a race day plan that included information about pace, fueling, and hydration, which was incredibly helpful. I would highly recommend her to anyone looking to get more consistent with their running or interested in working toward specific goals. 


"I started working with Allie as my coach to help me restart my running journey after breaking my foot- I also had just moved to higher altitude when this journey began. Not making things easy over here! Allie was incredibly patient, a great listener as we navigated lots of new changes, and has immensely helped not only my running but also my mental endurance. She continues to push me to be my best, while also reminding me that running at its core is about enjoying the experience... and being consistent. Allie is a supportive caring individual who I feel confident in her guidance to achieve some of my greatest goals."  - Lexi

"Working with Allie has been such a game-changer in my running. I run everything from 5ks to longer road races as well as trail and ultra-marathons, and Allie never skips a beat on helping me to be the fastest, strongest, most tuned-in version of my best running self. In my moments of doubt, Allie encourages me to practice self-compassion but also gives me the mental tools I need to believe in myself and all I am capable of. Thanks to Allie I have achieved lifetime personal records in the 5k and Half Marathon and earned a ticket into the Western States 100 lottery. More importantly, thanks to Allie I believe I can do anything that I set my mind to, and that is a gift that you can't put a price on." -Mallory


I started working with Allie in October of 2020 after I ran my first marathon and died HARD at mile 15.  I had been running somewhat consistently for the last 8 years, but was ready to dig in and become a stronger, faster runner.  I knew of Allie from watching her break 3 hours at Mountains 2 Beach in 2019 - I started following her on IG and was so excited when she announced she was starting to coach because a lot of her posts really resonated with me.  I love her holistic approach to running, particularly her emphasis on mental training, building confidence in one's ability and not fearing failure.  She also knows how to build a killer workout - the kind that kick your ass yet build your confidence and keep things interesting all at the same time.


In the year and a half we've worked together, I've seen significant PRs in every distance I've raced:  1 mile (6:23 to 6:00), 10k (45:21 to 42:11), 10 mile (1:16 to 1:09), Half Marathon (1:40 to 1:36) and Marathon (3:45 to 3:30) - and we've just barely scratched the surface (not to mention been in a pandemic/a bit more limited with racing options!).  Allie's background as a therapist, her mental fortitude, competitive spirit and passion for helping others succeed make her the ultimate coach (and friend!) for anyone, whether they're looking to level up their running, return safely from injury or simply want a personalized coaching experience.  I highly, highly recommend her!


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