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Coach Allie


Allie has been running for over 20 years, both competitively and recreationally. She is a sub-3 hour marathoner and her first marathon was the TCS NYC Marathon in 2014 where she unexpectedly qualified for Boston. She has completed 11 marathons ranging from large city races to small town courses with small fields and few spectators.  She has run 5 of the 6 World Marathon Majors, including NYC, Boston, Chicago, Berlin, and ran her current marathon personal best of 2:54 at Tokyo 2023. 

Recent Races: 

-Top 20 finish at Grindstone 100k 2023 by UTMB

-Top 100 finish at Tokyo Marathon 2023 with a time of 2:54 

-Winner (1st female, 4th overall) San Francisco Ultra Marathon 2022 in a time of 6:47, breaking the -course record by 1 hour 45 minutes. 

-Winner (Overall winner) One Day in San Francisco 2022 6 hour Race running 43.1 miles in 6 hours. 

-Top 5 at Mountains to Beach Half Marathon 2022 with a time of 1:23:11

-Podium Finish at Pass Mountain 50k 2021 with a time of 5 hours 21 minutes

-Winner Big Bear Revel Half Marathon 2019 in a course record time of 1:16:59

Allie started running ultramarathons postpartum, but was fortunate to be able to run through her pregnancy and even ran the day she went into labor! Getting back into running postpartum has been a journey indeed, but going through a range of symptoms helps make Allie a great running coach for women returning to running after baby. 

Running is something she knows she'll be able to do for the rest of her life, as long as she takes care of herself. That means both caring for her body, and caring for her mind because she doesn't ever want to get burned out on something she loves!

The only things Allie loves more than running are her family, most importantly her English Bulldog, Roger; yoga, wine, kayaking, drawing & painting, and wine! Okay, wine is just really important here in California. 

Coach Jillian

Screenshot 2023-10-11 at 7.55_edited.jpg

Jillian was born and raised in Philadelphia, PA and has been running for over 10 years.  Her running was mostly recreational until she began working with Coach Allie in the fall of 2020.  With "nothing else to do during the pandemic" and desperately needing an outlet from the world's chaos, she decided it was the perfect opportunity to really lean into her running and test her limits in every distance from the mile to the marathon.  Since then, Jillian has run PRs in every distance and even earned her first Boston qualifying time in her 3rd marathon (Houston, 2023).


Working with Coach Allie has taught Jillian the importance of physical and mental endurance, getting good sleep, eating a lot of pizza, and letting good enough be good enough (which is exactly what she needed to soar!).  Running has made Jillian a more confident person both on and off the roads, and through her coaching she strives to achieve the same for her athletes as they chase their goals and dreams.


Jillian's current PRs are:


1 Mile:  6:00 (Time Trial, 2020)

5k:  20:06 (Reindeer Romp, 2022)

10k:  42:35 (Time Trial, 2020)

10 Mile:  1:09:03 (Broad Street Run, 2023)

13.1:  1:32:17 (Philadelphia Half Marathon, 2022)

26.2:  3:21:14 (Houston Marathon, 2023)


Jillian currently resides in Santa Barbara, CA.  When she's not running, she can usually be found cuddling with her dog, taking pictures of her dog, walking her dog or talking about her dog.  Like Coach Allie, she's also a big wine girl.  Her power song (when her iPod - yes, her iPod - decides to work) is Dragonstone from the Season 7 GOT soundtrack and her favorite post race snack is Little Caesar's (don't judge!).

Coach Mallory

image_6483441 (1).JPG

Mallory has been running for over twenty years, including almost ten years running trail and ultra races. She’s trained and raced everything from the 5k, to road half and full marathons, to 100-mile trail races, and everything between. 


She ran her first marathon in college, and over the course of her road marathon career has dropped her time by over 88 minutes to a 3:03! In 2014, she gave her first ultramarathon a go, and fell in love with the trail and ultra community and has completed more 50ks than she can count, a handful of 50 milers and 100ks, and multiple 100 mile finishes. 


Mallory lives in Berkeley, CA with easy access to allllll the dreamy single-track trails and fire roads in the East Bay area as well as the most amazing road and trail running communities. Her professional background is in education, mindfulness, and advocacy/social change work. This experience lends itself well to supporting others in reaching goals, showing up as their best selves, and using their strengths to benefit the community at-large. In honor of all the things running has taught her about herself, Mallory is passionate about sharing the joys and lessons of running with others.


When she’s not running, Mallory loves skateboarding to the park to play frisbee with her husband and two dogs (Billy and Bonnie!); rock climbing, canoeing, camping and hiking with friends; and playing in the local Balinese Gamelan music ensemble. She also proudly coaches the local high school cross-country team!

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