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After 11 years of working in mental health, and nearly 20 years of running, I have come to realize that the two are intertwined. Physical wellness and mental wellness are deeply connected. In pursuing physical goals, it is imperative that we also nurture our minds.  We must create mental space for those goals to come to fruition, and manifest our intentions. Emphasizing mental strength training can help fortify tenacity, persistence, a sense of purpose, and the will to carry on. If these are things you value, or things you want to grow within yourself, let's work together to improve your physical and mental wellness!

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"An athlete who believes in herself whether she succeeds or fails is able to put her goal out of mind and race in the moment, and to race in the moment-in the flow- is to race better."

-Matt Fitzgerald, How Bad Do You Want It?


Meet Coach Allie!

Allie has been running for over 20 years, both competitively and recreationally. Her first marathon was the TCS NYC Marathon in 2014 where she unexpectedly qualified for Boston! She has completed 11 marathons ranging from large city races to small town courses with small fields and few spectators.  She has run 4 of the 6 World Marathon Majors, including NYC, Boston, Chicago, and Berlin. She will be running Tokyo in 2022 after a deferral due to the COVID-19 pandemic. 


Her current marathon personal record is 2:59:47, and she knows what it means to be cutting it close! While she loves the marathon distance, she also loves racing shorter events. Her half-marathon personal record is from a downhill course in which she ran 1:16:59. Her current 5k PR is 18:32 and 10k PR is 39:14. All of Allie's PRs are from 2019, right before she got pregnant and had her amazing daughter in 2020!

Allie was fortunate to be able to run through her pregnancy and even ran the day she went into labor! Getting back into running postpartum has been a journey indeed, but going through a range of symptoms helps make Allie a great running coach for women returning to running after baby. 

Running is something she knows she'll be able to do for the rest of her life, as long as she takes care of herself! That means both caring for her body, and caring for her mind because she doesn't ever want to get burned out on something she loves!

The only things Allie loves more than running are her family, most importantly her English Bulldog, Roger; yoga, wine, kayaking, drawing & painting, and wine! Okay, wine is just really important here in California. 

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