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run coaching for mind & body strength

Train for Success

Custom Training Plans & Personalized Coaching

Staying Fit
Personal Run Coaching


Custom workouts, unlimited coach contact via text/email/messaging, and monthly check-ins to keep you progressing toward your goals. 

Runner Stretching
Custom Training Plans

Reach Your Goals

Are you able to manage your training on your own, but want a custom, course specific training plan built for you for your upcoming race? 

Need a Little More?


If you need more accountability, you can sign up for weekly phone check-ins in addition to unlimited text/email contact and week by week scheduling.


Improvise, Adapt, Overcome

 Physical wellness and mental wellness are deeply connected. In pursuing physical goals, it is imperative that we also nurture our minds.  Emphasizing mental strength training can help fortify tenacity, persistence, a sense of purpose, and the will to carry on. If these are things you value, or things you want to grow within yourself, let's work together to improve your physical and mental wellness!

If you want to learn more about being coached by a mindRunner Coach, click here to contact! 

"An athlete who believes in herself whether she succeeds or fails is able to put her goal out of mind and race in the moment, and to race in the moment-in the flow- is to race better."

-Matt Fitzgerald, How Bad Do You Want It?

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