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Nutrition Training for Runners 

By Coach Jessica

Meet Jessica!

Jessica is a 35 year old mother of two girls with a bachelor’s degree in liberal studies. She earned her teaching credential and has been teaching elementary school for the past 11 years. She loves to teach and see her students make progress throughout the year. 


Jess started running as a way to get back into shape after her first child was born. She ran casually, and never took it too seriously. Once she had her second child, she decided to set some serious goals. After her first marathon, she set a goal to qualify for Boston, which she accomplished on her 3rd marathon!

Nutrition has always been something that has interested Jess since she took her first course in college. Since that first introduction, she continued to actively educate herself on nutrition and the importance of a balanced diet. 


She recently became a certified nutrition coach, and as a natural educator, she would love to teach people more about nutrition to help them reach their goals; whether you’re an athlete or someone looking to maintain a healthy lifestyle. Her goal as your nutrition coach is to work with you to develop goals based on what you want to achieve.



Jessica believes in having a healthy relationship with food and that balance is key. She doesn’t necessarily believe in fad diets or complete restriction. As cliché as it may sound, Jess truly believes in “everything in moderation.” She thinks if you have a healthy balance and treat food and nutrition as a lifestyle, you will be able to reach and maintain your goals. 

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