Sub 3 Training Group!

Small Training Group to Break 3 with mindRUNNER!

September 1:

We've started! 

Today was the first workout together for the Sub3 Squad. This beginning phase is all about building a base. This is not simply about building an aerobic base, as for the majority of these women that is very readily available and doesn't take long to improve. The stuff that takes longer to improve is neuromuscular functioning and musculoskeletal functioning to handle the load of increased speed training and marathon training load later on. We want to make sure these ladies stay injury free and building the basics is key right now! 

October 24: 

We've finished the base building segment! 

This segment focused primarily on building that aerobic base and improving the aerobic capacity of the athletes; improving lactate threshold; improving neuromuscular and musculoskeletal strength; and building habits to be maintained for healthy training all around. 


Mental strength reflection exercises were also incorporated every week. This self-reflection is so important for improving mindset, tenacity, grit, focus, the ability to appreciate and see the positive, and maintain motivation. 

The fast majority of miles were easy efforts, and included strides at the end of 2 easy runs per week. Workouts included hill repeats (both up and downhill), hilly runs, broken tempos that have gradually increased in pace as the time running shortened in duration; fartleks, and easy effort long runs that gradually increased in duration to 2 hours long.  Light strength and mobility work was incorporated after every run, core strength and glute strength was included once per week; and athletes also implemented cross training to their liking including yoga, cycling, and barre. Mileage very gradually increased, and intensity stayed relatively consistent with a couple of down mileage/intensity weeks. 

October 25:

We started the speed segment!

We began some speed this week and will continue for 10 weeks.  On November 1, we did a pre-test so to speak with a 5k time trial to see where we are at before commencing the speed segment. We will test again at the end of the speed period! 

This time trial was a great success. Simply by training aerobic and lactate threshold appropriately, speed naturally improved.  All four women ran either lifetime bests or post-college personal bests! This was also after a full week of training, no tapering, and 2 days after a workout.  It will be very exciting to see how they progress at the end of the speed segment!


Info on this project:

Breaking 3 hours in the marathon is a great goal, a huge accomplishment, and something that the women in Sacramento are capable of achieving!  The strength of the pack is more powerful than the lone wolf. Together, we can support one another in accomplishing this goal, making it that much more worthwhile! 

How will this work? 

  • Group capped to keep it small. 

  • 3 weekly workouts: two speed workouts, one long run

  • Strength & Mobility workouts for injury prevention 

  • Mental Strength skill building to help get through rough patches of racing. 

  • Being part of a badass runner girl group

When will this start?

  • September! But badass Pump Up Swag Bag will go out in August!

  • Targeting breaking 3 at the Modesto Marathon on March 28, 2021!

  • Breaking 3 is no easy task! We will need a period of base building, speed training, followed by marathon specific training. This may sound like a lot, but we will have a gradual build up with down weeks throughout. 

    • 8 weeks of Base Building

    • 10 weeks of Operation: Raise the Roof-5k training, get real fast. 

    • 12 weeks of Marathon specific training! 

How can I be part of this awesomeness?

  • Contact me to inquire if you will be a good fit! 

  • Remember, the group will be capped!

  • Registration fee: $40, followed by $50 per month beginning in September that covers FinalSurge schedule updated monthly (including group speed workouts and long runs, mental strength, strength and mobility, and individualized plan for all other days based on your personal needs); unlimited communication via email, text, FinalSurge messaging, phone calls; group meet-ups for runs with proper social distancing; swag bag; unconditional support and encouragement, and honest feedback. 





*Due to COVID-19, social distancing will be maintained at all group workouts. Wear a mask pre and post workout!